So You Changed Your Lifestyle?

I'm Not On a Diet
Once you understand all of the health benefits of antioxidants you will want to be consuming as many as you can each day. But what if you aren’t able to get what you need with just fruits and vegetables? This is why there are a number of supplements that are available. Although eating whole foods such as fruits and vegetables give you a whole bunch of other vitamins and minerals the fact remains that you need antioxidants to help reduce the free radicals that are coursing through your veins and this can be achieved through supplements.
Now there are a variety of types of supplements with a wide array of different applications.  Some of the most popular antioxidant supplements include Matcha powder (distilled green tea powder), Vitamins A, C, and E supplements, and coenzyme 10.  All of these supplements also contain the great added benefits of other vitamins and minerals and that is very important as your body is more likely to get more of the benefits of supplements when they are in more of a complex food like form instead of a straight supplement form.
Too much of a good thing can become a bad thing. Consuming antioxidant supplements without following the guidelines can cause you to consume so many that they begin to work against you. Like anything else moderation is the key. While it is ideal to consume most of your daily intake of the antioxidants from plants and food, it is not always feasible. When you go to supplements for the extra boost just take heed that you are consuming a refined source of antioxidants and should follow the prescribed amount.
 Striving for optimal nutrition is a balancing act that requires the thought of antioxidant foods and supplements. The better that you can incorporate supplements to balance the missing antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals the better your health will be. If you take the time to ensure that you are taking safe limits of the supplements and go to high antioxidant foods such as artichoke and berries first, you will avoid the negative consequences of consuming too much.  Moderation like anything in life can be the difference between healthy supplementation and unhealthy use of antioxidant supplements.

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