Lose weight and feel great with antioxidants!

Everyone has heard that antioxidants are amazing little nutrients that help keep you healthy and young, but what foods are loaded with them? And what foods contain the highest amount of antioxidants with the lowest amount of calories?  Using the ORAC values to determine antioxidant content we are going to be highlighting the best low calorie foods to add to your diet that will give you the biggest antioxidant kick.

The easiest way to add antioxidants without adding many calories is through high antioxidant drinks.  When you are being mindful about caloric intake and you are deciding on a drink you have to avoid highly sweetened or sugary drinks. There are two great drinks that hit all three of our criteria; low sugar, low calorie and high antioxidants. The first is adding about 1-2 oz of lemon juice to a glass of purified water, which will add a ton of antioxidants and make a great tasting drink.  The next drink also has weight loss properties to boot; green tea.  They also make a green tea powder called Matcha powder that is extremely high in antioxidants and can be added to smoothies, or just about any liquid, to give them an antioxidant boost.  By incorporating just one of these drinks you are adding a ton of antioxidants with virtually no calories.

Natures Complete Antioxidant

When you are looking for snacks or different foods to add for the highest antioxidant boost with the lowest caloric hit here are some of the best.  Artichokes coming in at 60 calories and a 7900 ORAC value per vegetable are one of the easiest ways to add antioxidants.  Beets are another great vegetable coming in at 34 calories and an ORAC value of about 3000.  If you would prefer a little bit sweeter like some fruit pomegranate and red grapefruit are great, and don’t forget about the super antioxidant berries.  Just adding a few of these low calorie fruits and vegetables everyday will give you system a huge nutrient boost.

There are a lot of great fruits and vegetables that you can add to your diet that will help keep your weight in check and your nutrients flowing.  Make sure that you try a variety of foods and don’t just eat the same thing. A final low calorie option that will spice up your life is adding ground spices for an antioxidant boost; the highest antioxidant containing spices being cloves, oregano, rosemary, and thyme.

Lose weight and feel great with antioxidants!


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