Preserving the Balance


You know what the biggest obstacle is for people eating right, staying healthy, losing weight, and generally enjoying life is? It’s consistency, or rather a LACK of consistency. See it works like this. You declare in a voice of finality that you’re going to start eating right, including more antioxidant, healthier foods in your diet and get fit. Then this nightmare scenario pops in your head of eating cardboard and sawdust the rest of your life and busting your hump working out while all your friends are in there watching the game and enjoying the nacho’s loaded with cheese and you say to yourself? What’s the point? What kind of junk am I eating? At least that stuff’s got soul! And so you’ve lost the battle right there, you lack conviction, you lack…consistency.

Why? Because you undermined your own motivation. Eating right and including antioxidant foods and staying fit and healthy doesn’t mean any of that. You completely manufactured your own reason to quit, to not even start! Nobody is saying you can’t ever eat chocolate again, or enjoy some loaded nacho’s every once in a while, or even drop by McDonalds from time to time. The problem here is that impending and intimidating idea of never, I’m NEVER going to have a cheeseburger again. And that’s nonsense. Do you know why McDonalds is so successful? Consistency, that’s why. They are able to get you to consistently come back in every day. All you have to do is create your own consistency of eating the right things and doing what’s right for your body. And how do you do that? By creating and establishing the right routines for yourself, staying motivated, and finding joy in the choices you DO make. There’s plenty of good, healthy food out there that tastes great, and there’s plenty of antioxidant superfood supplements out there.

And there’s plenty of tasty treats too. Just all in good measure, all in a balance. Don’t limit yourself by undermining your own success, don’t discourage yourself right out of the gate. Just keep it all balanced, and preserve that balance, and maintain it. It’s that simple. Stop building your cage by manufacturing nonsensical idea’s of a tasteless, soulless existence. Create and enjoy your life and freedom by exploring new possibilities, new food choices, antioxidant supplements and on that special occasion maybe a little cheesecake to celebrate.

See? That wasn’t so hard. You’ll find that once you’ve installed and preserved that balance that you truly do get the best of all worlds. And on top of it you’ve discovered some great tasting new foods that are healthy, keep you happy, and have helped you lose weight and stay fit. So get back in there and enjoy the party, just remember to keep and preserve the balance. It’s that simple. Make your own rules, create your own dreams and stop creating silly nightmare scenario’s of never again enjoying a cupcake. Work smart, not hard.


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