Holiday parties pretty much by definition are showcases of bad food, poor drink decisions, and the inevitable weight gain that always comes with the holiday season. After all, most parties are filled with cookies, cupcakes, cake, alcoholic drinks, and more fun and festive meals that, while tasty, don’t do a whole lot for your waistline or your overall health and only make it difficult to start back up January 1st.

But there is hope if you are hosting a Christmas party, or trying to figure out how to make any party you attend just a little bit healthier. In fact, there are several major things that you can do to ensure that any party you host or attend is healthy, happy, and still tasty and enjoyable!


Healthy Drink Options For Your Guests

Everybody loves wine, beer, and soda of course, but it’s not too much to offer some healthier drink options to guests. In fact, all that holiday eggnog and alcoholic drinks can really pour on the calories in a hidden way, so low-calorie or zero-calorie drink options aren’t a bad way to go.

Have water available for guests at your next function, or calorie-free and diet sodas and other drinks. It won’t make the biggest difference at the party, but small healthy options like that can cut away a few calories and make everyone a little healthier while still enjoying the party, people, and ambiance all around.

Take Into Consideration Food Allergies And More

More and more people today are being diagnosed with gluten intolerance’s, lactose intolerance’s  and other major and minor food allergy and medical issues related to food production and consumption. For that reason alone, whenever possible, try to get with your guests before the party and see if they have any specific food allergy needs or issues that you can attend to with the spread.

You probably won’t be perfect, after all, but making slight changes in the spread to accommodate those with food allergies will not only help them feel more welcome at the event, but also provide a few slightly healthier menu options for your guests, friends, and other party-goers.


Share the Supplement Love

For those of you who read this blog a lot, and know the benefits of GlucaTrim and some of our other great supplements like antioxidants and Omega3 products, why not share the love with your party-goers  And no, of course, we don’t mean sneaking supplements into their food or drinks – that would be bad. But there’s no sense in not sharing your story with them if the supplements have worked for you!

You may be surprised just how many people are looking for a little boost when it comes to energy and health this holiday season, and the folks at your party may just be pretty receptive to a new supplement and way to get healthy. After all, if GlucaTrim has worked for you, chances are it is going to work for the folks around you, too!


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