More Ideas For Meal Planning!

Here is another days worth of ideas for meal planning!

Meal #1

1 cup of low fat whole grain/high protein cereal

(Kashi has a bunch of cereals that are high in protein and low in fat)

Half a medium banana sliced

Handful of sliced almonds

½ cup skim milk or soy


Meal #2

Protein Bar


These Good to Go protein bars are the most delicious protein bars I’ve ever tasted! They are made up of all organic ingredients too!

*NOTE* Watch out for protein bars high in sugar!


Meal #3

4 oz. Turkey Patty with Whole Grain bun


And guacamole instead of mayo

4-5 Strawberries


Meal #4

Cottage Cheese with raw pumpkin seeds

Fruits and Veggies


Meal #5

Fish tacos

White fish seasoned low sodium taco seasoning

Whole grain tortillas

(You can always use ice berg lettuce as tortillas for less carbs)

Sliced cabbage

Diced tomatoes

Chopped Cilantro


Use guacamole for sauce


Meal # 6

Red Leaf lettuce

Black Beans

Diced Avocado

Sliced carrots

Red pepper

Or other veggies of choice

Olive Oil & Balsamic/ or dressing of choice



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