Can Setting Goals Lead to Success?

I love setting goals and achieving them. I just hate that one goal that you keep setting and keep failing at. You know the one. I know for myself  for the last two years I have  set a goal to lose 100 lbs  and it never happens.  No matter how many times I fail at not reaching this goal I am determined to achieve it.

You have all heard how important it is to have goals in life to be successful.  In the book “Success and the Goal Setter,” Bettie B. Youngs tells us, “Goals represent expectations, hopes and dreams, and to the extent our goals are achieved, we are successful.”

To Set Goal: 

The first thing I always do is have a self dialog. I always start asking myself several questions to get the ball rolling.

Self Dialog: Here is an example of my self dialog.

What is my life’s objective? What are my personal goals?  What do I want to achieve? What will be the reward? Do I believe in myself?  Am I willing to work hard to achieve my goals? ?   It’s time to say goodbye to who you were and start saying hello to the girl you want to be.  Who do you want to be? What is your dream? You are smart and you can do this. You can achieve success.

Goal Setting Guidelines:

1.Make your goal conceivable.  imagine, conceptualize and understand the goal or desired result

2.Make your goal believable. Your goal should be consistent with your personal values system, and you must believe you can reach the goal. It is critically important that you believe in yourself. You must see yourself with the goal in hand.

3 Make your goal achievable. You must have the mental and physical capacity to reach the goal. Make your  goal to cause you to stretch . A goal that causes you to stretch and grow will be the goal that gives you the most satisfaction. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself to go beyond old limits!

4. Make your goal measurable. Decide to do better than last year. Be sure to relate your goal to quantity, percentage increases, dollar volume, time or distance. This will allow you to measure your progress.

5.Your goal should be controllable. This means you must be able to achieve the goal yourself, or gain the willing cooperation of others to reach the goal. 

6.Be sure you have singleness of purpose. Make sure your goal is not in conflict with other areas of your life. For instance, if you decide to travel extensively in your business or work 80 to 90 hours per week, this will interfere with your personal or family relationships. The travel and long hours could lead to poor health or family discord. Some goals become mutually exclusive and create conflict with other goals.

Some Tips:

Decide what is most important. Be sure to set priorities so you can focus on what is truly important; not just urgent.

1.Is your goal truly desirable? A goal that you really want, one that will be emotionally satisfying, will make you strive harder to achieve that goal. You will also feel better about yourself and the goal will be worth your time and effort. The emotional power of really wanting a new car, beautiful home or job promotion, will cause you to work harder to reach the goal.

2.Make your goal growth facilitating. Your goal should provide you with a real challenge. This will help you feel better about yourself when you actually reach your goal. Be sure your goal is beneficial, not destructive to yourself or others.

When you set a goal, does it satisfy all of the above guidelines? If it does, you will be more likely to achieve success and will be more satisfied with your accomplishments! How does your goal help you personally? Most people find that a goal generates enthusiasm, gives meaning and purpose, and provides direction. I believe that a goal accomplishes all of these objectives plus gives focus to your thoughts.

My Weight Loss Goal 

I really want to achieve my personal goal in losing weight and be successful. I felt in order for this goal to finally be achieved, I would need to take it to the next level. I’ve decided to share with you the public my personal journey. I need to be held accountable. You get to know my number Yikes! and see the before and after picture of me. I am ready to take drastic measures and I have the support of my work colleagues.

So here is the example of my weight loss goal to lose 100 lbs.

My Personal Goal to lose 100 lbs: I hoping to do it in one year. September 2012 –September 2013

What am I going to do to achieve this goal?

Workout 6 days a week: weight training 3-4x a week, cardio 6x a week plus begin walking to work. Cut out all refined sugar and soda. Follow Chris Powell’s eating plan. Have someone hold me accountable once a week by weighing in at work.  Journal weight loss experience with you the public through this amazing blog.

We would like to know your thoughts on making goals. What goal are you working on right now? What are your thoughts about setting goals? Do you find it helpful in your life to set goals?


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