Is Balancing Your Blood Sugar Just For Diabetics?

Is balancing your blood sugar just for diabetics?  Scientists now know that blood sugar imbalances are often the hidden cause of hard to diagnose symptoms, even in non diabetics.

Do you struggle with losing weight no matter how much you try? Do you feel depressed for no reason? Are you normally happy?

Do you have a hard time sleeping?

Do you feel sluggish all the time? Do you feel like you have no energy at all? Do you have a hard time focusing and concentrating, is your brain not as sharp? Is your eyesight getting worse? It’s probably your blood sugar out of balance.

Is balancing your blood sugar just for diabetics?

Anyone with memory fogginess, mood swings, weight issues, not sleeping, depressed, should know their S-Zone (S=Sugar) .  You can balance your blood sugar naturally through food and with all natural dietary supplements.

Balancing your blood sugar will help you to reduce stress; it can help brighten your mood and conquer depression, increase your energy levels, improve your memory, and restore mental alertness. Just balancing your blood sugar can help with those food cravings and can help jump start your weight loss.

How Fantastic does that sound. I’m hooked! Sign me up! I want to put it into practice. More than anything I want my brain back, not to mention my healthy fit (skinny) self.

Let’s get our Blood Sugar balanced and reduce our chances of getting heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes. Remember blood sugar problems affect everyone.

What is your blood sugar?

Important first step is to know your normal blood sugar level. We recommend you get a blood sugar test the next time you get a fasting blood check for cholesterol. Both tests can be done at the same time.

What does your blood sugar mean?

Normal blood sugar ranges from 60-90 milligrams of glucose per 100 milliliters of blood (mg/dl) before meal. High –normal blood sugar is defined as 100 to 125 (mg/dl) (full blown type 2 diabetes is diagnosed at 126 mg/dl and above).

The second step is to understand the Glycemic index (GI). This will tell you how fast something will turn to sugar in your body. Basically Higher Glycemic index=higher insulin levels=higher fat content. When you eat something that is low on the glycemic index the slower the sugars enter the blood stream and the less likely for you blood sugar will spike. Keep your insulin levels low your blood sugar balanced and you will notice that you feel better. It’s important to follow a smart eating plan, customize a physical activity routine and incorporate a soothing routine to relieve stress.  Bonus: you will begin seeing your weight melt away. Your health will be Happy!

No question many blood sugar problems can be controlled through lifestyle changes in diet and exercise.

What is the reward in balancing your blood sugar? Happy overall health.

Benefits in balancing your blood sugar: Easier weight loss, food cravings will disappear, energy to burn, improved fertility, a healthier pregnancy and baby, children who grow up as healthy adults, more years of a high-quality living and you will have a sharper memory.

Next Monday we will discuss the affects blood sugar has on the brain.  I’m looking forward to our next conversation.


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