The Basic Blood Sugar Break Down

Here we go. It’s time to get excited about getting into our S- Zone! Don’t worry if you don’t know what the S- Zone is.  Either did I until I started gaining weight and experiencing low blood sugar- Hypoglycemia. I really thought because I wasn’t a diabetic my blood sugar didn’t matter.  When I found out that my blood sugar was affecting my weight and memory I became interested in knowing what I could do to stabilize my S-Zone.



Today I just want to get the basics out of the way in understanding the breakdown of blood sugar in our body. On Wednesday I will break down the S-Zone for you and we will discuss in depth how it affects everyone not just Diabetics. We all can benefit from really understanding our blood sugar.

The Basic Blood Sugar Break Down Introduction.

Blood sugar is much more significant part of our lives than most of us realize. Upon hearing the words blood sugar or blood glucose level most of us think “Oh, I don’t need to worry about that. I’m not a diabetic,” but every time we eat, exercise or even skip a meal our blood sugar is affected. Blood sugar is the amount of glucose (sugar) that is present in our blood. A normal human body naturally regulates its blood glucose levels in fluctuation of what we call the S zone, which is the healthy zone of where we want our sugar levels to stay in order to live a healthy life.

Blood sugar is so important to us because Glucose is the primary source of energy for our body’s cells. . Our blood sugar level can affect how hungry we feel and how much energy it has. It also determines whether we burn fat or store it. Glucose is made available for our cells through the hormone insulin. When we eat simple sugar like candy and ice-cream our pancreas goes into overtime to produce all the insulin that is needed to turn that blood sugar into energy. The rush of insulin that we receive tells our bodies that we have plenty of energy and that we don’t need to burn fat. We need to store it. As a result, which many of us don’t realize, blood sugar can cause us to gain weight.

Did you know that blood sugar has such a major role in our weight?

When we get that rush of insulin our body causes too much sugar to be transported out of our blood and this causes our insulin levels to drop low. When our blood sugar is low we feel tired and hungry and our bodies tell us that we need to eat more.  Our blood sugar can make us feel low and slow in our daily routines making our tasks harder to do because you may not be able to concentrate or focus very well.

Do you ever feel like this? I know I do especially around 2:00 pm every day.

When blood sugar levels are outside of our goal of the S zone it can cause or be and indicator of several medical conditions. When blood sugar is persistently high it is referred to as hyperglycemia and low levels are referred to as hypoglycemia.  When a person has persistent hyperglycemia they can develop type II Diabetes. This disease is the most common and prominent disease that is related to a person’s body failing to regulate its blood sugar. A person with type II diabetes is a much higher risk for heart disease, eye and kidney problems, nerve damage and even death.

Although there is a lot more to learn about blood sugar and a lot more consequences if blood sugar levels are not regulated, we can definitely see how our blood sugar affects our daily lives. Blood sugar can make us gain weight, feel slow, and even cause diseases. We can’t ignore the powerful effect of keeping our blood sugar in the S zone.

Do you know what your S-zone should be? Let’s figure it out together on Wednesday.


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