Why fat free isn’t trouble free

It seems that today almost everything comes in a fat free or low fat option. However, that doesn’t always make it the better choice. Fats are actually an essential part of our diet and eliminating them from your diet does you more harm than good.

When you really give fat free options consideration, you have to think about what they’re replacing the fats with, usually it’s something unnatural and in turn making it worse for you. Replacements are usually Imagegums, sugars and starches. Seems much more imbalanced to me, as well as unsatisfying. You’re better off with a half teaspoon of the real thing than two tablespoons of the fake.

Not to mention that According to studies conducted by the Journal of Marketing Research, low-fat food labels lead consumers to overeat because the consumers’ guilt is decreased when they think they are eating low-fat foods. So instead of eating 1 regular cookie you’re more likely to eat 3 or 4 low calorie or fat free cookies, making your calorie consumption much higher.

In short, when it comes to fat free, usually that just means more processed and less nutrients, more synthetic ingredients and surprisingly the less healthy choice. Remember, your body needs some fats to function, especially your brain.


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