Samples, it’s a love/hate thing

We all know that one of the best reasons to go to Costco, besides buying a case of something that willImage take us years to consume, is the samples. We crowd around those little tables waiting for the microwave to ding so that we can have our share of the bagel bites and bits of hot wings. Then it’s on to the next isle, anticipating what the next table has to offer.

Well folks, here is some bad news that you should think about on your next trip, those beloved samples that we all enjoy so much aren’t too great for your waist Imageline. Those samples that we so carelessly consume thinking that just a little bit won’t do anything, add up quickly. On average each of those samples is about 100 calories and most are high in salts, sugars and saturated fats.

If you think about it, there are about ten or so samples on any given Saturday and if you were to partake from most of them, you may be walking out of there with having consumed around 1000 calories! That’s about half, if not more, of your recommended daily caloric intake. If you were to have a slice of cheese pizza and a coke on your way out, you would be leaving there having consumed 2000 calories. OUCH!

Not to mention that our mindset is that they’re small portions and perhaps we don’t even take them into consideration when tallying up our daily food intake. Samples can be dangerous! Our recommendation, pick and choose. You don’t have to try everything, try what you must and leave the rest behind.


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