Why some people can’t stop eating junk

We as humans are creatures of habit. This can work in our benefit but it can also cause us unbelievable harm, in particular when it comes to eating JUNK. Scientists have actually found that people don’t keep eating junk food because it’s tasty; it’s actually more out of habit. For example, at the movies we insist on eating popcorn, which by now we should know is incredibly bad for us. A study was done using fresh andImage stale popcorn, people who made it a habit of eating popcorn while watching a movie ate just as much stale popcorn as they would the fresh, while their counterparts, those who hadn’t formed the habit, ate significantly less.

Just to give you some stats on movie theater popcorn; according to WebMD, “Researchers found movie theater popcorn offerings range from 400 to 1,200 calories, with one to three days’ worth of saturated fat and up to 1,500 milligrams of sodium”. This means that those poor mindless eaters could possibly be eating more than half of their recommended daily caloric intake, and it didn’t even taste that great.

Lead author David Neal said: ‘When we’ve repeatedly eaten a particular food in a particular environment, our brain comes to associate the food with that environment and makes us keep eating as long as those environmental cues are present.’

So now you’re thinking “okay well, eating popcorn at the movies isn’t that big of habit to break” well there are many other places that you could be eating out of habit as well. One of the biggest places is at work. Perhaps you sit at a desk most of your day. Do you keep food their? Do you look in your drawer and Imagerealize that you have eaten 1/3 of that bag of chips all by yourself in one afternoon? Do you feel abnormally hungry when you don’t have some sort of food stashed away at your desk? Does this sound familiar? It’s not healthy, it’ll only take about 3 weeks for you to form the new habit of not eating at your desk. Try it, you’ll thank us

What we recommend is quite simple really, break the habit. Try not eating food during a movie; it’ll only take a few times to break the habit. Also try not keep food at your desk, it only encourages you to eat more than you actually should. But, if you absolutely must, try to find a healthy option.

Hope this helps!


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