Dedicate some time for YOU!!!!

21 Ways to boost your energy…


As a mom and supporter for Nature’s Complete, I wanted to share this on their blog.

I recently read this article from WebMD and thought… what a great time to post this as Mother’s Day is right around the corner. This last weekend I having a case of the “feeling unappreciated” while kids wanted breakfast early and husband sleeping in till  noon.

I was always told that when you’re feeling down, research or read something positive. This is where I ran upon “21 ways to boost your energy”. The catch line is what really caught me “You can do it in just 10 minutes a day!”  10 minutes a day…. Who does NOT have 10 Minutes a day to dedicate to themselves?

Here are their 21 tips for quick ways to boost energy.

  1. Get some sunshine.
  2. Take the stairs.
  3. Have a coffee break
  4. Do a crossword.
  5. Stretch yourself.
  6. Make a smoothie.
  7. Try guided imagery.
  8. Read a poem.
  9. Walk.
  10. Avoid the vending machine.
  11. Write in a journal.
  12. Laugh.
  13. Use cold water.
  14. Go for green tea.
  15. Try aromatherapy.
  16. Consider a supplement.
  17. Listen to music.
  18. Have some chocolate.
  19. Unleash some feng shui on your desk.
  20. Eat breakfast.
  21. Breathe deeply.

Feel free to add your comments and great ideas for others on how you take time for yourself.

Read the entire article here…


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