Turn Down the Heat!

Most assume that cooking food at higher temperatures kills germs and bacteria on the food and is better for you. However, recent studies have proven this theory very wrong. Our food has become more and more artificial as the years go on. Mostly due to the flavorings and colorings that are being used. Toxic products such as Advanced Gycation End products (AGE’s) are found in a lot of our food and can cause inflammation and lead to serious health problems. In fact, AGE’s are now showing up in the blood of people with chronic diseases associated with inflammation such as diabetes and heart disease.

So how can we stop this? The first thing to do is cook your foods at lower temperatures. Cooking at high temperatures tends to take away the nutritional value in the food. Frying or grilling foods at high temperatures produce compounds that can increase inflammation in the body. Try to limit the amount of grilled, fried, and microwave meats in your diet. Reduce the cooking tempuratures of meat and proteins. Steam fish and seafood, simmer chicken in sauce and braise red meat in a cooking liquid.  And most importantly, cut down on processed foods. Not only are they loaded with chemicals and preservatives, but many prepared foods have been exposed to high cooking temps to lengthen shelf life.

Get more fruits and veggies in your diet. The health benefits of fruits and veggies are undeniable. Whether they’re cooked or raw, Fruits and vegetables are naturally low in AGE’s and contain compounds such as antioxidants that can decrease some of the damage done by AGE’s and processed foods.

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